2018 National Conference

Philippine Studies Association National Conference
September 26-28, 2018 (Venue: The National Museum, P. Burgos, Manila)

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 5 March 2018

The Reshaping of Philippine Studies: Contending viewpoints, voices, and knowledges

In the era of global mobilities and fluid identities, Philippine studies is constantly reframed, negotiated, or contested by scholars and academics. New theoretical and methodological directions emerge that reflect tensions between home-grown and diasporic scholarship, contending visions of nation, or new positions of identification. Mindful of these competing viewpoints, voices, and knowledges, the Philippine Studies Association (PSA) invites original presentations that engage with, explore, or bear upon, these directions. Submissions may be made under, but not necessarily confined to, any of the subthemes below. Pre-formed panels are preferable.

Suggested subthemes:

  • Strong men, weak institutions: Political reform or reforming politics?
  • Islam and democracy: Vision or illusion?
  • The politics of heritage conservation: Whose heritage?
  • Human rights and/as national security
  • Social media and mayhem: Trolls, fake news, and alternative facts
  • Emerging trends in Pinoy popular culture
  • Gender and politics: Patriarchy and power in contemporary public life
  • Best practices and hard lessons in conservation and sustainability
  • Climate change and disaster (disastrous?) governance
  • Filling the gaps in Philippine pre-history and early colonial period
  • The South China Sea conundrum: Is there a way forward?
  • Filipinos abroad: Anxieties, identities, and identification
  • Literature and cinema in the time of Duterte
  • Urban solutions: Philippine cities and the localization of governance
  • Inventing “millennials”
  • Languages and ethnicities in Philippine media
  • Language and Filipino-ness
  • Disruptive technologies and the future of media
  • Art as defiance: Contemporary struggles in Philippine art
  • Martial Law and the struggle over memory
  • Authoritarianism as culture
  • Digital humanities and Philippine Studies
  • Internal security in the era of global threats
  • Debating Philippine education
  • Of origins and destinations: The continuing saga of Pinoy food
  • Integrating IPs and Muslims in the study of History
  • The future for K-12
  • From towns to nation: Revisiting mainstream historical narratives

Note to graduate students:

A pre-conference graduate research workshop, to be facilitated by leading figures in Philippine academia, will be held on 25 September. Admission to the workshop is competitive. For successful applicants, conference fees will be waived. 




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